cuteTrac | Our GPS vehicle tracking solution

cuteTrac is an advanced vehicle tracking solution that facilitates effective management of fleet operations in an effectual manner. This customizable software enables various features for fleet management including aspects such as ‘live’ tracking, speed monitoring, fuel monitoring and so on. It further assists in effective monitoring by means of alerts and/or emails that are triggered to the relevant user(s) as per the users’ requested settings.

cuteTrac employs GPS and GPRS technologies to provide the real time tracking solutions to its users. To know more about iSPRINT for cuteTrac visit

cuteTrac solution has proven increase in productivity and tremendous cost savings to our customers. With cuteTrac, you can…

1.       Track your vehicles’ precise location “live at all times

2.       Monitor the engine on/off status to monitor idle period of vehicles

3.       Monitor speed limits thereby ensuring safety of drivers and avoiding  


4.       Keep your vehicles from entering illegal areas

5.       Plan your fleet operations efficiently

6.       Receive timely Email/SMS alerts as per your individual request

a.       Over Speed

b.      Area Entry Alert

c.       Engine Idle

7.      Customized reports for the nature of your business

a.       Travel History

b.      Daily Mileage

c.       Monthly Mileage

d.      Utilization Graph

e.      Alert History

8.      Web based rich user interface solution

9.      Role based authorization and secure access

10.    Customizable based on client requirements

11.    Reduce over-all cost of operations


cuetTrac from Cutech Group
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